' It Seems Like Forever'

‘I want to create a reality that the viewer feels they can step into, even to lose themselves in. My works are imagined,

but have their origins in how I’ve felt about something actually seen. Themes that run through my art are transience,

the sustaining power of the forces of nature, and an elusive beauty which can be seen if we care to look.’

Paintings & Studies

Steven Outram RBA

'Worth the Walk'  oil  20" x 22"  Fairfax Gallery  sold 'Silent Walk'  oil  10" x 12"  private commission 'Outside The Box'  oil study  10" x 12"  Red Rag Gallery 'Maybe Tomorrow'  oil  20" x 24"  The Linda Blackstone Gallery  sold 'All The Elements'  oil  14" x 18"  Fairfax Gallery

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'It Goes On'  10" X 12"  Oil Study  Red Rag Gallery 'It Seems Like Forever' 10" x 12"  Mall Galleries, Royal Society of British Artists Exhibition 2018 'The Glorious Moon' 30" x 36"  Red Rag Gallery  Sold


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