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‘A mood painter par excellence’

Art Review, on Steven’s sell-out first solo in London

'Revealing the Light'  oil  20" x 24"

‘Steven Outram’s art descends from somewhere higher than our shallow age.  Not for Outram the stunts and hype

of the Emin Britart crowd.  His art smoulders with a control acquired through years of dedicated application.

At first glance you may see a smoky landscape, a moonlit bay, a tree-lined gorge. At second glance you notice an order

that comforts and assures. The longer you look, you are struck by the mastery of Outram’s brushwork, his tiny flicks of

brilliant light, the detail with which he records and varies, his subtleties of colour, all executed with serenity.

To witness the soft-spoken Outram in his Forest of Dean studio is to leave this gloating circus of the 21st century and to

 visit a world indubitably more real, a world where contemplation outlasts frivolity and where beauty carries itself with grace.’

‘His art makes us re-examine those aspects

of the natural world that we have taken for granted’
Julian Halsby, The Artist Magazine, December 2006.

‘Here is painting that is crafted,

composed, beautifully and skillfully wrought’

 Damien Enright, Cork Examiner, 5.10.2000.

Revealing the Light  oil  20” x  24”

       Quentin Letts, February 2013

Steven Outram RBA

‘a world where contemplation outlasts frivolity’